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Located in Pirkkala, near Tampere, JH-CENTER supplies property maintenance and earthmoving professionals with a wide range of services, from work equipment and undercarriage parts sales to undercarriage assembly and Snowstar property maintenance equipment rental. Our professional team is here to help you with all your needs.

JH-Konemarkkinointi Oy is a Finnish family-owned business founded in 2001. Having started life as an earthmoving equipment sales operation, in 2006 the business expanded into work equipment with an own brand, Snowstar, designed mainly for the needs of property maintenance. At the same time, the company started selling high-quality PMC excavator buckets and extras. In 2009, JH-Konemarkkinointi Oy began importing excavator undercarriages and rented larger facilities in Pirkkala.

Construction machine sales eventually ended and, in 2014, the company moved into its own spacious and modern premises newly constructed in Pirkkala. These were later expanded and a repair shop for excavator undercarriage assemblies was built. A new service was introduced in 2020 with rental of Snowstar property maintenance equipment.